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Today, the applications of digital transformation technology is an integral part of every business in most industries. However, while executive decision makers are primarily concerned with applying technology to pursue new innovative business outcomes, the vendors that they encounter on their buyer's journey sometimes don't speak the same language.

Matching line of business (LoB) buyer needs with technology vendor offerings is often referred to as the "business technology alignment chasm." Filling that void with substantive information, meaningful guidance, and insightful market research data is the charter of the Business Technology Roundtable (BTR).

Digital transformation describes the changes associated with the application of digital technology within commerce. We seek to shed light where there has been an apparent absence of editorial illumination. We believe that a 'digital business architect' should be focused more on creating agile business models and driving technology adoption, rather than the acquisition of new systems and services.

CIOs, CTOs and CDOs should also facilitate the achievement of business productivity goals, utilizing an agile DevOps methodology. Once they're informed about all the viable options, they'll choose the best-fit solutions, and seek ongoing knowledge-transfer from their preferred IT supplier.

Given this backdrop, we know that successful business technology projects are about changing behavior and organization culture, in addition to the underlying digital transformation infrastructure.

I welcome you to BTR, and invite you to contact me if you have questions or comments. Referrals to other sources of current global market research content are encouraged.

David H. Deans
Managing Editor and Publisher
GeoActive Group

Disclosure: I now work at IBM